Happy Canaries Day (Día de Canarias)

The Day of the Canary Islands (Día de las Canarias) is one of the most important public holidays celebrated in the Canary Islands on May 30th every year. It is a celebration of the islands’ culture and people, and marks the anniversary of the autonomous Canary Islands Parliament’s first session on May 30, 1983. Many cultural activities are arranged for the  Día de las Canarias each year. Private parties are held throughout the islands at people´s homes or in restaurants on the evening of May 29th. Many events are held during the day and into the evening in towns and villages on the Day of the Canary Islands. If you move away from the main tourist zones, towards the north, or into the mountains you can expect to find  Special church services, Sports events, Public and private parties, Tastings of traditional foods and wine from the Canary Islands, Displays of cattle pulling sleighs, Domestic animal shows, Concerts featuring traditional and modern music, Exhibitions showcasing art and crafts made by people living on the Canary Islands.

We love Tenerife and the Canary Islands, so Happy Dia de Canaries to all.

Here is a great award winning photo that displays the islands beauty…



World Turtle Day

Yesterday brought World Turtle Day and as we have so many in Tenerife, they deserve a blog entry…

The most common turtles we see in Tenerife are the green turtles and on our two local sites we have two resident turtles in Alcala (one other has been spotted but we rarely see him) and we have recently seen a total of 4 in El Puertito. 2 we see most dives the other two are a bit shy. One of the 4 is a baby turtle which just the other week swam past us and that was the first time we have seen him.

The one we have named Jose, which always comes to see us is very friendly and usually comes up to your face (good for some excellent shots – you may have seen these on our facebook page) before swimming past you above your head. He likes to be scratched on his back and you will see him swinging side to side and rest on the sand as you do this. He always comes back for a few of those before he makes his way to other divers.

Here comes what makes us angry at the Dive Centre… Some Divers and dive guides seem to be feeding these turtles with fish they bring in from the local market.. There are mixed emotions on this and our view is that it is a big mistake to do this. These turtles grow to learn to eat from what they can find, if you feed them then they loose the urge to look for food and this is sadly one action that ends up killing the turtles.. They stop finding food because they believe the next divers will bring them food, if then this ever stops they will find themselves die of hunger. This is very sad and luckily rare that it happens but unfortunately we have seen it happen. The other negative on feeding them is that they will get used to feeding from divers fingers and at times they may think that the next divers coming to see them also have food and instead go for their fingers.

While I was taking customers on a guided dive the other day in El Puertito I saw a dive guide feed the turtle and as the turtle was getting a bit desperate for the food while he was cutting it the guide acted in non friendly way to put it nicely and pushing the turtle away left me no choice but to have a word with him when he came out. Not something I normally like to do but this was not showing my divers any good Project aware and not very nice for the turtle which we love.

I am happy to see that the Alcala turtles do not get fed by the clubs and centres that use this site and you can see the difference in the turtle behavior, they are much more calm and stay close to you but are not always looking at your fingers..!!

There is no need to feed them, they look after themselves and they always come to see you anyway, why feed them for the extra few minutes they may stay with you.. Help us to stop this behavior..

Happy Diving everyone..

Here is a picture of Jose..


Meet Robbie

Robbie and I (Dan) got off to a wrong start of our friendship.. Let me tell you all about it….

When I guide dives in Tenerife I always like to take a torch with me to look in the little cracks and holes, normally I find lots of weird little marine life. We were in Marazul and did a shallow dive of 18m max, we saw lots of trumpet fish, arrowhead crabs and much more, on the way back I decided that as we had plenty of air we would look around some rocks where we can normally find octopus… boy did I find octopus.. There he was just outside his house the biggest octopus I have seen yet and I quickly used my rattle and pointed the octopus out. As I am making sure everyone has seen him, the not so little octopus decided to bring one of his powerful tentacles round the back of his rock house and grab on to my torch, this was a magnet on/off LED torch which I always liked as a backup torch, and then we got on to a tug of war game, which unfortunately after a minute or so he won and the metal clip holding the torch to my lanyard broke off. He was now the proud owner of a new torch for night hunting. We tried together with the other divers to get it back but he had taken it so far into his house we could not reach it. Since then I have gone back to knock on his house and although he is always there he seems to have misplaced my torch.. For that reason we named him Robbie.

Torchless Dan…

PS: If you are diving Marazul and you see a light coming your way, hang on to all your belongings…

Welcome to our Blog From Paradise Divers

Hi all,

A lot of our customers have been asking for a Blog on our website to stay up to date with what we are doing and new services. Well we are happy to say that it is here…

Its been a great few weeks diving, with lots of life coming out to greet us, the Turtles at Alcala and El Puertito have been out to see us on every dive, with the first spotting of Julio the smaller turtle in El Puertito earlier this month. We are currently working on some improvements to the centre, we now have new signs on the Minibus,  so look out for us with the new turtles


We have also had a fresh lick of paint, and a rearrange of the kit room, to make it easier for all our clients to access equipment.

We are now open 7 days a week, so if you are in the area and fancy a coffee, or thinking about diving somewhere hot and Sunny, please drop us a line, or pop in.

Happy Diving

Paradise Divers