Divemaster Internship Blog – Week 3 & 4

First, sorry for skipping the 3rd week but we were a bit busy at the base and on my day off I was totally off 🙂 So I write the 2 weeks together.

We started to do swimming skills which are requirements in the Divemaster course. Of course there were time limits to meet 🙂

Because normally I go nearly every day to the gym I thought it will be a walk in the park… Hell yeah it wasn’t… I must say that the person who founded the time limits must be an Olympic swimmer…

I could do it in the limit but not the best score. After I finished I was happy even with this J and we still have a couple of skills like this left to do…

I started to read and learn the Divemaster manual. I finished it this Sunday Just gone. It was a lot of interesting things with also new areas and old ones with extended/deeper information.

With the dives I feel always a bit more comfortable with myself. BUT, I still have missing knowledge and still need to recognize more and more the dive sites (how to orientate myself).

We continued to do dives where I have the role of guiding, of course always under the supervision of Tara, Dan or Adrian. The other day we were in Marazul with Adrian, Tara and costumers and I failed right at the beginning… after Adrian gave some guidance I found my way but it was difficult from there on.  I must say after this dive I started to be better and feel better, more comfortable with leading. Yes I still make mistakes, sometimes small ones sometimes idiot ones… On the weekly team meetings Tara or Dan guides me always with what were my mistakes and how to correct them. Sometimes when I hear them I just say to myself: why did I do that? Because I already knew that is not okay… But it is all part of the training and it is – – Practice practice practice and more practice 🙂

I must say I was lucky because my first briefing I had to do I could do it on my mother language (Hungarian). We had one guest from Romania and she could speak Hungarian 🙂

Another day we did one where Tara and Dan were the customers… Oh my god I was totally nervous, sweating and all these things 🙂 it wasn’t perfect but was better than I expected. After we went with Dan to dive Marazul simulating that he is the customer. I felt good this time, I knew where to go and what to do and then as we get to the deep arch… we saw a giant Atlantic Ray!DSCF8226 He was around 2-2.5 meters big. It was incredible apart from I suck out my air quite fast… what a shame 🙁 so we finished the dive sooner than we wanted. I did lead with Tara on other dive sites too. They were better than on the second week and on one day we saw 8 turtles on 2 different sites and one of them was a totally new turtle for that site. Oh and I nearly forgot the Barracuda swimming around the turtles. 🙂

We have dived the Cave, Cueva de los Cerebros a few times now and it looks like we have a new celebrity: a monster lobster 🙂 he is huge!DSCF6667

I started to have problems with staying warm. At the end of this week I got a cold. I think one side is some kind of virus and the other half is because I felt cold under water. On the last ones I started to wear my hooded shorty on top of my normal suit. But personally I don’t like hoods because I can’t hear anything and because of the shorty I feel like a Michlen Man. But I got a good idea from Adrian so I listened to him and I bought a 2,5mm undersuit which goes under my normal suit so I can skip the shorty and hood 🙂


From Monday it looks like we will have a nice zodiac so we can explore and add new dive sites to our bid. I saw it only on photos but tomorrow also in live and 3D 🙂 I can say next week more about it.

See you next week with new experiences!


Divemaster Internship Blog – Week 2 – Gabor

This week started with an incredible night-dive in Alcala! I had night-dives before but this was far the best. Turtle, octopus, moray eels… everything that a diver wants, and it was full moon so it gave us an incredible visibility! It was amazing!

We had a wreck dive in Tabaiba and it was also great. Beautiful, quite big wreck with easy entries. It was my first time here. The dive ended after 25 mins because one of the divers

Paradise Divers Photos 02092014 (31)was low on air. So I needed go back with her while the rest of the group under the leadership of Dan stayed there. We both came up, completed a safety stop and exited the water. It was a good experience for me.

On Wednesday I had my first dive where I was the leader with Tara behind the customers. I must say from my side it was horrible. I was totally nervous from the beginning and I was also a bit tired (was the last dive that day). Visibility was not as good as normal and Tara needed to correct me a few times…

Being at the front meant that I couldn’t figure out if  my speed was too fast or too slow. I think it was a bit faster than normal.

We ended the dive with a lot of air and with 41 min dive time. The other difficult thing for me was to make decisions about air. Go a bit more? Will it be enough? Turn now? Turn later?

But after time will be better when I will know the sites stone by stone.

Paradise Divers Photos 02092014 (44)Paradise Divers Photos 02092014 (13)

On Friday I had my second dive where I was the leader. Started a bit bad… I realized next to the water that I lost my mask on the way down from the car. I couldn’t believe it! So I needed to go back for it. BUT this dive was much better! I didn’t have that bad feeling like after the first one. I felt that my divers enjoyed it more and this time I got corrections from Dan only one or two times. I know that still I must correct things but was far better than the first time.

At the end of the week we had a meeting with Tara and Dan about my mistakes, what I need to change and correct. They also told me what kind of exams we will do next week (swimming skills for time limit, and demonstration skill which ones will be marked by them from 1 to 5).

Oh and finally my Divemaster crew pack (books, learning stuff) arrived J. So I can start to read and learn the theory. I must say the pack is quite big with lots of things inside one bag. IParadise Divers Photos 02092014 (16)t’s really useful to keep everything together!

I nearly forgot to say that last Saturday we had a try dive with my girlfriend! It was really good. She enjoyed it a lot! It was in El Puertito and we saw all 3 turtles! We got really good photos and videos with Jose (the friendliest turtle). So I was happy because she enjoyed both ways: way of diving and highlights under water.

See you next week, after a couple of challenges J

Divemaster Internship Blog – Tenerife 2014-09-07

Hi everyone, my name is Gábor Lőrincz. In the next 3 months i will be writing and uploading my experiences about my Divemaster internship at Paradise Divers.

So let it begin. I’m from Hungary, city of Dorog, not far from the capital city (Budapest). I’m 26 years old and i worked as a photographer in Fuerteventura for 1 and a half years. I already have the Rescue Diver certification so i will make the next big step to be a PADI PRO J

I started on the 28th of august. After a bit of a chat, Dan showed me the base. He told me everything about the following processes ( trainings, skills, works and exams).

The first 2 days we had bad weather (on the sea) so we started to do skills in the pool. That was the first moment when i realised that, from now I need to think and act different than before! From now I must do and show things in a way that people will find it easy to learn and practice!

 Dan tought me how to fill cylinders and I could see finally a regualtor from inside. That was really interesting becouse before I saw it only from the „books”. Now I can understand and see how it works.

 With Tara we started to do exercises with pressure groups – how to use the table. ( I started my OWD and AOWD courses with another federation not with PADI and with them I never used the tables).

After those 2 bad days we could go to dive in the sea J. Marazul, El Puertito, Alcala etc…

We did a cave dive and normal dives on the other side of the island. So we are underwater minimum once per day. I like this a lot, it gives me lot of experience becouse every dive is different.

 On the 31st of august we went to Las Galletas to see how they released 2 turtles. One loggerhead and one green turtle. They were on rehabilitation becouse of injuries. It was a great day and it was great to see that here in the Canary islands they really take care about their fauna!

 Next week we will do a night dives so i’m really excited! I did it before in Egypt and in Croatia but for me night dives are always different from normal Dives.

 Continues next week…

Rescue Turtles release Las Galletas

On Sunday 31st August the team went down to support and see 2 rescue turtles released. They had been rescued earlier this year and taken in by the Centro de Rehabilitación de Fauna Silvestre. 2 turtles were released – 1 green turtle and 1 loggerhead turtle who had both come to the centre in a bad way.

Turtle release

Turtle release


The green turtle had been caught by a fishing line, it looks like the line had been cut but the hooks remained in the turtles mouth and neck – you can still see the stitches on some of the photos.

Turtle release

Turtle release

The Loggerhead turtle had been found on the beach in a really bad state – he was nearly decapitated, he had got his head caught in a 6 pack plastic can holder around his neck, again you can see in the pictures.
Turtle release

Turtle release

The day was a great day – to see the turtles patched up and ready to go in the sea, they were unloaded and then taken down to meet the large waiting crowd, they let the crowd get very close to the turtles, which made the turtles look a little uncomfortable  –

Turtle release

the team explained they do this on purpose, they expose the turtles to the people so they are slightly stressed and therefore would fear humans. While they are at the centre they have a lot of human contact and therefore associate us as good and a source of food –  this is not natural for the turtles, they need to fear human contact as many of the injuries seen result from this.

Turtle release

Turtle release

Then came the magic moment, one at a time the turtles were released into the sea with a big cheer from the crowd, they both swam off without a look back, we saw both of them come to the surface for a breath and then they were gone. They swam off to where they belong, stretching their fins and probably off for a well deserved sleep!

If you want to come and see these beautiful creatures and much more underwater book a diving experience www.paradisedivers.co.uk

.Turtle release

Turtle release

Turtle release

Thanks to Gabor for the great pictures of the day

Happy Diving Everyone