Divemaster Internship Blog Gabor – Week 12

Like everything what has a beginning, also has an end.

This is the ending point of my internship to become a Divemaster.

This is one point in my life when something new ended and the point when something will begin.

I must say it was a really great 12 weeks in my life with lot of studies, knowledge and practical exams. I met with new people, which people earned my full and clean respect with that lot of things what they did for me, what they taught me and because i never felt myself as an outsider, much much more as a family member of Paradise Divers!

They were patient all time, opened for any question and the high level knowledge what they ready to teach you!

On my last week we did rescue scenarios with Alvaro and Dan. On Sunday we spent the most of the time in the pool training and teaching Alvaro rescue skills. I was the “dead” diver this time. Before, Alvaro played this role for me so this time it was my to help him learn everything.

Dan sprang on me  some rescue scenarios during a normal  dive between us when I needed to “save” Alvaro 🙂

But this is the way how you can learn and prepare for this things, how to think and act.

This week we started and finished our mapping project with Alvaro. We did 5 dives for this.

Draw the map, bearings, points of interest, discover marine life on the site and measurements (length, depth).

It sounds easy… but it isn’t. You must calculate lot of things together to get the final  and correct „picture”. After we collected all the data what we wanted we started to do one power point presentation.

On Saturday we showed the presentation to Dan, Tara and Adrian but in the same way as for new divers. They listened and scored the presentation like they are customers. After this went to a dive with them with same conditions. I was leading and Alvaro on the back.

After the dive we discussed what we need to change next time and to pay more attention. They gave very very useful tips/hints.


The good thing with this week was that we had nearly the whole week for us, to learn and practice. We had one scuba diver to open water diver upgrade. The other thing why it was good (not too much divers) is the weather. We had pretty rough days with waves, wind and surge.

We did the EFR traingng and lessons. For me it was a renewal for Alvaro was a full course.

So at all I finished 🙂

Now comes to most annoying part… waiting for my certification.

Thank you for all of you for reading my blog!! I hope you enjoined to read my stories about my internship.

You can still continue follow the blog of Alvaro.

Dan said I’m always welcomed around the dive center for dives so maybe we will met each other there!

I wish to all of you safe and joyful dives where-ever you dive!

Good bye!

Gabor Lorincz

PADI Divemaster

Divemaster Internship Blog – Alvaro Week 3

Good day again everyone!

The third week was the quietest since I arrived in Tenerife, allowing me to focus on the EFR course (I’ve already finished it), continuing the Rescue (already made the theory test and several of the skills) and with Gabor do the Mapping project for the Divemaster.
Speaking about Gabor, this week was his last as a trainee, and I can say that we have a new Divemaster around!! Congratulations mate! Though I’m sure we’ll continue seeing him around the dive center and mainly underwater.
On Monday Gabor and me went to Marazul to perform the mapping project in an area that Dan and Tara decided to us and that we called “Marazul pinnacle” and where reach up to 23 meters deep. He above the rocks and me at the bottom we discovered what to see, what to spot for future customers, the shape of the bottom and rocks, depths, etc. Later we will focus more on taking depths and bearings for the topographic profile of the dive and be able to create a map.
On Tuesday I had my day off, and at night Tara and Dan invited us to a great dinner, really great Mexican food courtesy of Tara and a few drinks courtesy of Dan (someone drank much more than others, although the occasion deserved).
On Wednesday back to work and I changed my suit (from now I’ll be using an Oceanic semi-dry suit 5mm). We had Steven join us to complete his upgrade from Scuba diver to Open Water. We started by learning skill in the pool then went to Marazul later for the Open Water Dives. After the dive, bad weather made us have to postpone the last dive for the next day, when Steven completed with great success and I’m sure more than satisfied.
Premiering this time a new Cressi Leonardo (dive computer), Gabor and me stayed in Marazul again to take more measures in our dive site and finish taking all bearing still missing. Friday I did EFR course (exam included), and then Gabor and I met to finish outlining our project, make the presentation and share responsibilities to exposing it.
Saturday we present to Adrian, Tara and Dan the final project, and then we went diving to “Marazul Pinnacle”. I think it went pretty well, with some mistakes, mainly communication between Gabor and me as they told us (I think due to the tension and concentration of wanting to do well), but nothing that couldn’t be improved with time and more work.
On Sunday early, the last day of Gabor; test of RESCUE after all knowledge reviews, several skills in the pool with Dan and Gabor (as required volunteer: P), and a week that goes almost without realizing.
From now unable to ask my many doubts to Gabor (I’m sure he ended tired of many questions) I’ll take more responsibility.
We’ll see what’s going on.
Until next week


Divemaster Internship Blog – Alvaro Week 2

Hello again, Second week ended, and if in the first week I did 12 dives, it has been 13 this week plus several swim tests, snorkel and skills in pool.

To begin with, m1512047_10152836597959561_6405689262401843914_oy first wreck in the Canary Islands, El Raton, 32 meters as maximum depth and in which my aim was to guide Adrian 1557197_10152836573934561_9170549995541494401_oin the second dive after following him in the first one, taking in features, marks and compass bearings I can use. Rookie mistake and my desire to guide him through the site, a lot to think about and it took me to be too deep which brought us very close of our Deco limit (always controlled), but it was a mistake which will make me learn.

Tuesday Rebecca ended her Advanced OW with “Navigation” and “Peek Performance Buoyancy”. Next day we did just one dive, “Cueva de los Cerebros” with Igor where we found again the Stingray, Red reef Lobster and the Monstrous Brown spiny Lobster. Gabor and I went the afternoon to the pool to do several skills first with Dan and then with Tara and finally enjoy my first day off on Thursday, with a final dinner at El Cordero, courtesy of the great boss and10749984_10152836591299561_5048059603131986033_o great company. Undoubtedly the day back to work was the quietest since I came with only a couple of dives in the morning with Tara and then clean up, install a new door and go home early. The weekend I passed my first 3 water skills: first buoyancy in the pool, and then Snorkel and tow both with Gabor and we both did great with good time results. With both of our legs blown off after the swims, Gabor and I started our Mapping project for the Divemaster course, where we have to show Tara and Dan at the end of next week a detailed plan of the site in Marazul, and then show it with great details. We will take them to do our dive site like if they were customers. Here I must say that most experience Gabor has makes the difference, due to it’s still hard for me to get my bearings in accordance with that site, mark points and reference places and is something that will come to me with more and more dives.

To end this busy week, a couple of dives on Sunday, first Wreck “El Ratón” again, where a large10365554_10152836587554561_1366223601095487169_o group of barracudas visited us, a couple of octopus, etc, and secondly in “Las Eras”, which captivated me by the amount of new species I saw, between others, a beautiful “Streaked Gurnard”, the black and yellow nudibranch “Seaslug”, two morays in the same hole (Fangtooth Moray and Brown Moray Eel), and several more species. This is all after a second week 10700446_10152836614229561_722131155818385419_oof work where every day I learn more and I’m more involved with the underwater world and the people.



Until next week


DIvemaster Internship – Alvaro – Week 1

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog as Divemaster intern. My name is Alvaro Blanco Sarasquete, I am 25 years old and I’m from Cádiz (Spain). For 12 weeks I will write (or at least try) my experience in the diving centre Paradise Divers in Callao Salvaje, Adeje (Tenerife).

My work began on Wednesday, November 5, and I arrived just in a busy week (as Gabor said), more work has been in recent months, so with no time to waste and know each other, we went straight to the water for 3 dives in the first day, twice in “El Puertito”, already knowing the friendly turtles at El Puertito (Jose, Juan and Julio, yet I lack Humpy), then Abades.

Thursday diving in Marazul and Friday  with 2 dives. The first one was to enter in the fabulous “Cueva de los Cerebros”  (which has been my first cave)  seeing some red reef lobster, and the monster Brown spiny lobster, and also one round Stingray. Saturday 2 dives , “El Puertito” and again “Cueva de los Cerebros” and to finish the week on Sunday I did a double.  Two dives in the morning with Dan and Gabor. The first one was in Las Eras and we gave it up because of the current and we did later Abades, both with Elsa. In the afternoon we did 2 with Tara.

Tara, Dan and Gabor have been explaining me little by little how the centre works, what and how to clean, what and how to sort, and the care that material requires. Also how to fill cylindes.
I have also met Adrian, which helps and teaches me a lot too, and we have to speak Spanish because he has to keep learning and improving the language.
Many good experiences this first week.
For the next week there prepared an Advance Open Water course, few try dives, snorkeling …. so also promises thrills.
From the first day I’ve noticed that there is still much to improve my English, but I hope and I’m sure it won’t stop me to learn everything I needed.
It is physically hard work but no matter when you do things you love and you never stop learning.

See you next week


Divemaster Internship Blog – Tenerife – Gabor-Week 11

Hi everyone!

We had a good and workfull week again.

I will start with an invitation what we had. It was a dinner for the whole team on Thursday night in the restaurant called El Cordero. It was a really good evening. All of us enjoyed a lot, we heard and shared lots of stories, lots of laughing… Everything was 5 star class!

We started the week with usual things. Prepare for diving and let’s go out and get wet.

Right at the beginning of the week we went to do a dive at Las Eras.

Here I must say something about this site (maybe I already wrote it before). This site is really really beautiful BUT this is THE site where u can get currents, you know the strong one, which makes you sweat even if you are freezing! We got it. Yes, now you say „who cares”… You will when you realize that your diver lost BOTH of her fins!!! In the same time, in a so short time like one blink!

So fins away in the big blue, we even didn’t see where they were. Grab the diver’s cylinder and let the „joy ride” begin ( don’t forget in strong current). I swear to you I go only as far as a meter in 3-4 minutes…

We shared the „ride” between Dan and I. After we realized it wont work, we went up to the surface. Dan started to tow from the left Alvaro from the right and I started to push the diver from her feet on my shoulders. Even like this it was difficult and all of us were tired but WE did it!

Good thing in the bad: after I started to relax after the dive, I realized that I didn’t panic, training kicked in and I knew what was happening, I think is good to know how you will react in serious situations. The second dive went well and very enjoyable.

We also started to do rescue exercises with Alvaro.

And more and more demonstration skills in the pool. Now I can see the end of the list, the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

I finished all of my swimming skills. Including 800m snorkel swim and 100m diver tow. Oh my god, I thought I will spit out my lungs! And I think Alvaro too 🙂 But it’s finished wont have to do them again…

Of course it can happen any time outside like I wrote before but there in direct situation your adrenalin level jumps up immediately and it gives you power what you nearly can’t believe. If you keep this in mind, it can help a lot BUT you can’t think it helps you out of everything!!!

I did one Scuba Review also with Tara. Was good, I enjoyed it a lot but Tara needed to finish the last couple of skills in the pool thanks to the food from the Chinese restaurant from the previous night…you know what I mean!!

With Alvaro we started to do our mapping project. Oh man, I thought it will be easy. No, it’s more complicated than it looks. But on the second dive on the site things started to be better. We still need to go back and do a lot of corrections and fix the mistakes. After we will do a Powerpoint presentation about the site for Tara and Dan. After this we need to take them to a dive on this site in the same way as they are client divers start to finish.

But I must say from the other side is really interesting because you need to search stone by stone and you can find tons of new and interesting things.

Our last dive of the week was in Las Eras. I hope you can feel the irony in this 🙂

This time Las Eras gave me a new fish what I never saw before. It looked like a fish with legs and wings. It was amazing!!! It was a Streaked Gurnard.

I must say I started to feel myself really tired. I could feel it a lot since the beginning of this week. I think when I finish the internship it will be really good to relax for a couple of days.

So.. Let’s jump in to the last week!

See you

Divemaster Internship Blog – Tenerife – Week 10


Last week I said good bye with an empty Sunday. Well… it wasn’t empty!

I think this was our busiest week since I’m here. We finished late every day. We had 2 open water diver courses and 1 advanced course. And normal dives for certified divers over the courses. We had lot of things to do in the same time so many times we needed to split up. But we are a good team so it wasn’t a problem and at the end all of our costumers were happy and that’s what matters 🙂

We started the week with dives from the boat for a group of 5 spanish guys. We started with a wreck called Meridian and the second dive was a cave dive. The wreck has nearly the same size compared with El Raton in Tabaiba but I think it’s easier to penetrate. The body of this boat was made by wood, of course now it’s damaged but because of this it looks great under water. We can penetrate the bridge, the storage room and from there one more level down the engine room. With this new site we have one more good wreck to dive and I was the first one to see it and lead it 🙂

Our new divemaster trainee Alvaro arrived on Monday and started his studies but you will read about him from his blog 😉

His first diving day was Wednesday and he started with 4 dives on that day so he jumped in deep water at the beginning.

Now we will start to do the rescue scenarios and the mapping project. It is strange to see from outside when someone starts the internship. I mean see it when someone doesn’t know what to do, how to do, shall I do it like this or in another way…

I was the same so now it’s strange to see how I looked like at the beginning 🙂

I lead more and more dives on my own. It feels really good to see the happyness on the faces after dives which means they enjoyed the dive.

I decided that I will buy a semidry suit because I still feel cold after time… I think I have too much fresh water in my suit and my body is unable to warm and warm it up again to keep the temperature.

I have only 2 weeks left until finishing my internship. It was a really fast 3 months – 12 weeks. Unbeliveable how fast the time goes by.

But still have two weeks with lot of things to do and learn. So see you with my last two weeks J

Don’t forget to read Alvaro’s blog too!

See you next week!

Divemaster Internship Blog – Tenerife Week 9

Hi everyone!

This week started with a regular day.

On Tuesday I had my birthday 🙂 one year older again… But it was a good day and I got an extra day off for this day! I enjoyed it a lot. We did some picnic and a really good and delicious dinner with my girlfriend. On the day before I invited Dan, Tara and Sofia to dinner with us. It was a good night with lots of laughing and stories 🙂 I got a super cake from Dan and Tara, it was oohh my gooood J Mars chocolate flavored!

We had try dives and we started to have more and more snorkeling tours. It looks like people love it a lot. They can see and swim with turtles.

We started to use the boat for snorkeling tours also including with lunch and 2-3 stops on different snorkel sites. But of course the main purpose of the boat is diving!

We went with Adrian and Dan to do one dive only for fun. The site was Yellow mountain on a different route. It wasn’t so interesting but we had the feeling that is something new and who knows what we will find. We found a bathtub J so Dan got the idea to sit inside like doing SPA J in the same moment I got the idea to upgrade it to a Jacuzzi so I started to freeflow the regulator to do bubbles J was really funny!!

After we did our Halloween dive in Alcalá.

Dan dressed like Dracula, Adrian as a butcher-serial killer and I was a mummy! What a team J

I think soon you can see the photos also on the facebook site of the center.

Was fun! We prepared really good.

Next week looks like will be more busy… Our table is totally full!!! At the moment only Sunday is empty. We will have 2 or 3 open water courses and lots of booked dives.

And Alvaro our new divemaster trainee will start also on the beginning of the week!

See you after a busy week!