Paradise Divers – Diving in Tenerife – Divemaster Internship – Week 4 – Paula


Welcome back to my blog.

This week we had some courses going on. Unlucky, I had a cold and I struggle a bit equalizing my ears, I was not able to go down at some of the dives.

Firstly, Angie came from Washington to do her PADI Advance course. After doing her Open Water course in Washington DC in 7 ºC water she did not have any problem with the local water temperature (18ºC currently).  With Angie we went Diving to the wreck in Tabaiba and wpic3e saw pretty amazing things, a lot of flabelina and big anemones also we did the Underwater Naturalist course which was great trying to spot all the life – Especially Nudibranch for Angie.


We then done a Discover Scuba Diving course  in El Puertito with Caitlin also  Angie  joined us, Caitlin was inspired and decided to do the Scuba Diver Course and be able to be Angie buddy. Caitlin and Angie had been to Seville before coming to Tenerife and brought us some Lomo fresh from a pig farm… it was very good!! In addition, we also had two PADI Open Water students from Poland (Anna and Kris). They all did very good and succeeded at their courses!!!DSCF3986

We had some days of very strong wind, which carry sand from the Sahara (Calima), so the air was thick and the sea was surge and visibility was not as good as normal. Therefore, some dives of the courses were more challenging, nonetheless everything went well and I learn a lot at them.

We get to meet “Humpy”, which show up at El Puertito, it is much bigger than the other turtles and it moves really slow. We can recognize it because Humpy has a hump at the shell and a scar.


At the end of the week, two new interns have started Erin and Benjamin- they are from California and they come straight from South Korea. I am sure we will have a good time all together. Check also their blogs!!!




Until next week!! Gone diving…



Paradise Divers Divemaster Internship – Week 2&3 – Paula



Hello!! Welcome to my blog from Paradise Divers Tenerife.

These past weeks I have finished my PADI Advance Open Water course, I choose: deep dive, buoyancy, navigation, wreck and photography. For the wreck dive we went to Tabaiba, I enjoy it a lot and we got to see little pink nudibranch, called flabelina, awesome! For the photography dive we went to Las Eras, I really liked an immersion, which we were looking for nice things to make picture to. However take pictures underwater is not that easy, because everything is moving all the time. Yet, after some editing I end up with some cool pictures.



At Paradise divers we had an 8 years old kid doing Discover Scuba Diver, I assisted Tara at the instruction. It is amazing how fast they understand and learn how to use the scuba diving equipment. For this kid it was his first time using even the fins, and it was incredible how confortable he was under the water. We had lots of fun playing with underwater toys –A rocket, Frisbee and even golf balls.


I also get to know some new dive sites (new for me) like “Cueva de los cerebros”, which is a very big cave with white sponges that look like brains. In side the cave we found 2 very big Atlantic stingrays and at least one medium one. It was amazing; we stay quite long time looking at them closely.blog2

I am about to complete the emergency responder course, which I found extremely interesting and useful.

One friend of mine, Claudia, came to dive with us one day to celebrate her birthday. We did two pretty wonderful dives at Alcala and El Puertito. We spotted ayellow snake eel at Alcala and we play with the group of roncadores.blog3 Claudia got to meet the turtles at El Puertito, Jose came to see us couple of times. We had a very good time!blog5



I am already studding for the rescue diver course. It is fascinating learning about the possible problems, which can occur while diving and how to solve them. I am looking forward do the practices.


Keep diving and see you next week!!!blog4