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Hello again,

Finally I’ve reached the required number of dives (60) to be passed off as a Divemaster. Although unfortunately I’ve been stuck at this number now for a few days due to catching a cold, and not being able to equalize below 2 meters!!! Very annoying.DSCF0341

On the other hand this has given me time in the dive centre to catch up on the theory side of things.

Oliver and I, another Divemaster in training, have been doing our mapping project for a site called ‘Los Arcos’ recently too, which involves drawing a detailed map of the site after diving it a few times, including depths, distances, compass bearings, and presenting it all onto a power point presentation ready to use in an actual briefing, And the leading the dive of los arcos

Everything so far is going great and I recently purchased a new Scubatech wet suit from the paradise divers shop so I really look the part now. It’s hard working in a dive centre which sells so much good gear; I just want all of it!suit

Paradise Divers – Diving in Tenerife – Divemaster Internship – September – Harrison

I’m now into my 5th week of my internship and today I reached 50 dives which I’m happy about. I’ve heard that it’s a tradition here to do your 100th dive naked, which to be honest I’m up for, half way there!!!

At the entrance to Cueva de los Cerebros
With the Tenerife Turtles at El Puertito

A couple of days ago I also completed my PADI rescue course which was very intense and a lot of hard work but it was all worth it in the end. We went to a dive site called Mar Azul to go through a second lot of scenarios such as helping a tired diver at the surface, helping a panicked diver who is out of air and also find a missing diver who in unconscious and bring them back to shore. I ached like mad the next morning!

I’m now used to the daily routines here at the dive centre and getting quicker at doing certain jobs ready for dives to run smoothly.
I’ve managed to get to know a couple of dive sites fairly well now and I have led 2-3 dives with Dan or Tara buddying up with the customer behind, just in case I need a bit of assistance they are close by to help.

With Gill on her 100th dive

One thing I have noticed is that I’m beginning to focus more on the customers and how they are coping, in and out of the water. Helping where I can or perhaps reminding customers how to do things if it’s been a while since their last dive.