Divemaster Final Blog for Armande… Paradise Divers – Tenerife

It can be mind blowing how much you can learn in two months when you set your mind to it!! When I compare my knowledge when I started to now, I am proud of what I´ve learned, although I also had my moments of information overload aka saturation (no not the nitrogen kind). Dan and Carly are wonderful people who, as I mentioned in my earlier blog, value quality and precision. I have much respect for them and in the future will always look out for diving with or working for a high standard dive center because of that. I am grateful for their patience to explain theory and skills and teaching me so much about running a business in diving.

What I appreciate most about the internship program, is that this 5 star PADI dive center combines theory with practice. Skills are shown in front of you with customers and when they feel you are ready it is expected of you that you can perform them under their guidance in front of the next customer. If you don´t get it right the first time, you´ll get another opportunity to try. The internship is educational, versatile, a lot of fun and it makes you fit! I don´t need the gym with all that cylinder lifting!

In the words of Jacques Cousteau: ¨The sea, once it casts is spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever¨. Which in my case refers to me continuing on my mission. I have decided to stay in Tenerife for a while and want to be certified to become a full on Dive Instructor. I started the Assistant Instructor (AI) program with Dan and am planning to learn as much as I can about diving before I present myself at the IDC&IE. Making the decision of doing this internship is the best decision I´ve made this decade. Thank you Dan and Carly, and instead of sad goodbyes, see you tomorrow!

Divemaster Internship Final Blog – Paradise Divers Tenerife, Hayden

Yesterday was my last day with Paradise Divers, and what a day it was! I didn’t dive since I had to fly first things this morning, but Armande and I guided snorkelers and I did my final Divemaster task in the renovated pool: a Scuba Review! It may sound like a small thing, but watching Dan sign off on my paperwork really put a smile on my face.

I have to thank the marine life for an amazing last day in Tenerife. That snorkel trip was probably the best one I’ve ever been on. The water was so clear we could see down to the sand at 23 meters. The famous sea creatures of Escalera de Palm Mar put on an excellent last show, with an Atlantic ray, bull ray, and green sea turtle swimming in majestic circles under us. In between snorkeling sites, the dolphins (not to be out-competed) came jumping around nearby. I grabbed my mask, slid off the boat, and was able to watch them under the water for a few breathtaking seconds before they swam off again. I’m still savoring that!

Now that it’s over, I have nothing but appreciation for the time and effort Carly and Dan put forth to develop my skills and turn me into a PADI Divemaster (There might have been one or two exercises that I didn’t appreciate them for in the moment 😉). After two solid months of challenges, mistakes, and triumphs, I can confidently say that I am able to lead in and out of the water, and most importantly, help keep my fellow divers safe.

I could see myself working with the Paradise Divers team for longer than these two months, but unfortunately my time is up! It wasn’t easy saying goodbye, not knowing when I’ll see these new friends again, but I can’t stay too sad, since my next adventures are taking me back to Costa Rica! With any luck, I’ll be taking my new dive skills into warmer waters in the next month or two! I’m not sad about ditching the 5mm+ wetsuits, that’s for sure.

I’ve had some really magical experiences in Tenerife, and I already feel the pull that will bring me back.

Be forewarned, prospective Divemaster interns: after you finish this, you will just want more. I’m already thinking about future equipment, specialties, and other places to dive, along with how to meet up with my diving buddies around the world! If diving wasn’t a lifestyle before, it is now!