Paradise Divers – Divemaster Internship Blog


What kind of cheese do you use to coax a bear out of a cave? These are the kind of questions we ponder whilst bouncing around on the boat, on our way to my favourite turtle dive site. Upon arriving, I spend the next 40 minutes as the safety diver on a guided dive. The day before, I was helping run an Open Water course whilst the Atlantic rays swam beneath me. And the day before that, I was in the pool trying to throw a frisbee underwater during the Bubblemaker course. Let it be known that the life of a Divemaster intern is constantly varied, usually a challenge, and always huge fun!

The training I have received so far with Paradise Divers has been of the highest quality. Whilst ticking boxes is indeed important, I have also been pushed (and continue to be pushed) to develop skills and knowledge that are truly applicable and relevant in the life of a professional diver. For example, the EFR course turned out not to be my strong point, so the whole team spent an afternoon giving me practice scenarios and feedback over and over again, until my performance improved. So now I have both the card that says I am qualified as well as the confidence to act on this qualification.

With the second half of my time at Paradise Divers just commenced, I am excited to take on the new challenges that the Divemaster programme still has in store for me. And with some trepidation, I also look forward to spending more time working with customers and tackling all the challenges they bring! So if you are an aspiring diver seeking a place not only to get your Divemaster signed off but also become well equipped for life as dive professional, I cannot recommend Dan, Kieran, and Shona at Paradise Divers highly enough.

Oh and in case you didn’t know, Camembert is the cheese you’ll need.

Daniel Lambert