Divemaster Blog – Alvaro week 10 & 11

Hi all!!
Undoubtedly the highlight of the last two weeks has been the collaboration in the filming of a commercial. Finally we discovered what type of commercial it will be. It is a cologne of the brand “Adolfo Dominguez”.
With the new 4×4 that dive center has bought, we towed our boat to the beach of “El Porís” … never imagined it would be so difficult to put the boat on the beach. Days before Dan and I went to test the feasibility of taking the boat from the beach as the filming company told us. Everything seemed perfect, but just that day the sand was softer than usual, and much swell and waves (low tide as well)
First we decided to leave the trailer at the shore and try to get the car out of the beach because it was stuck. After we got it out, we had to wait for high tide which would help us get the boat free from the trailer.
Nevertheless we got it all in time and we were ready to begin filming. Dan from the boat, myself as support from the surface and underwater (at the beginning I should have been just as a Rescue Diver, but then they started to ask me a lot of things: now do bubbles, now dive above the boat, now dive there, now hold this…I was feeling as part of the film crew) and Adrian from the pier providing the material.
The first day was quiet, 3 or 4 hours, and after picking up everything we decided to leave the boat anchored, go back to the dive center to prepare evertyhing for the official takes with the clear idea of not getting the boat out of water from the beach again; we would use a crane in the pier the next day.
However the second day would be endless. After some breakfast with the staff of the filming company, direct to the water to be ready when they needed it. We were nonstop from 10am until 4pm, when the  company decided we’d done enough takes (I had never been involved in a shoot and I can promise you they made something like 200 takes of each necessary scenes for the commercial. I do not even want to imagine how it will be shooting a whole movie … You can imagine how Dan and I slept that day …
The rest of the time these weeks has been relatively quiet, some guided dives more, taking advantage to make several other changes in the dive center. New sign, changing Servicing room, removing stuff off the boat because is going to be redesigned and adapted more and better for diving.
A couple of new marine life have been found these days in Tenerife.
One day researching new places to dive in Marazul with Adrian and Dan, we saw two Murbled Electric Rays. Then diving in Alcalá with customers one Snake Eel.
Without realizing it, when I’m writing this I see that “only two weeks left to finish my internship”. February 15 everything will have ended. And I will come back to Cádiz to involve in new projects.  I hope whatever will be, always related to the sea.
That’s all for now. Sorry for having taken a little longer to write
Greetings to all

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