DIvemaster Internship – Alvaro – Week 1

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog as Divemaster intern. My name is Alvaro Blanco Sarasquete, I am 25 years old and I’m from Cádiz (Spain). For 12 weeks I will write (or at least try) my experience in the diving centre Paradise Divers in Callao Salvaje, Adeje (Tenerife).

My work began on Wednesday, November 5, and I arrived just in a busy week (as Gabor said), more work has been in recent months, so with no time to waste and know each other, we went straight to the water for 3 dives in the first day, twice in “El Puertito”, already knowing the friendly turtles at El Puertito (Jose, Juan and Julio, yet I lack Humpy), then Abades.

Thursday diving in Marazul and Friday  with 2 dives. The first one was to enter in the fabulous “Cueva de los Cerebros”  (which has been my first cave)  seeing some red reef lobster, and the monster Brown spiny lobster, and also one round Stingray. Saturday 2 dives , “El Puertito” and again “Cueva de los Cerebros” and to finish the week on Sunday I did a double.  Two dives in the morning with Dan and Gabor. The first one was in Las Eras and we gave it up because of the current and we did later Abades, both with Elsa. In the afternoon we did 2 with Tara.

Tara, Dan and Gabor have been explaining me little by little how the centre works, what and how to clean, what and how to sort, and the care that material requires. Also how to fill cylindes.
I have also met Adrian, which helps and teaches me a lot too, and we have to speak Spanish because he has to keep learning and improving the language.
Many good experiences this first week.
For the next week there prepared an Advance Open Water course, few try dives, snorkeling …. so also promises thrills.
From the first day I’ve noticed that there is still much to improve my English, but I hope and I’m sure it won’t stop me to learn everything I needed.
It is physically hard work but no matter when you do things you love and you never stop learning.

See you next week


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