Divemaster Internship Blog – Alvaro Week 2

Hello again, Second week ended, and if in the first week I did 12 dives, it has been 13 this week plus several swim tests, snorkel and skills in pool.

To begin with, m1512047_10152836597959561_6405689262401843914_oy first wreck in the Canary Islands, El Raton, 32 meters as maximum depth and in which my aim was to guide Adrian 1557197_10152836573934561_9170549995541494401_oin the second dive after following him in the first one, taking in features, marks and compass bearings I can use. Rookie mistake and my desire to guide him through the site, a lot to think about and it took me to be too deep which brought us very close of our Deco limit (always controlled), but it was a mistake which will make me learn.

Tuesday Rebecca ended her Advanced OW with “Navigation” and “Peek Performance Buoyancy”. Next day we did just one dive, “Cueva de los Cerebros” with Igor where we found again the Stingray, Red reef Lobster and the Monstrous Brown spiny Lobster. Gabor and I went the afternoon to the pool to do several skills first with Dan and then with Tara and finally enjoy my first day off on Thursday, with a final dinner at El Cordero, courtesy of the great boss and10749984_10152836591299561_5048059603131986033_o great company. Undoubtedly the day back to work was the quietest since I came with only a couple of dives in the morning with Tara and then clean up, install a new door and go home early. The weekend I passed my first 3 water skills: first buoyancy in the pool, and then Snorkel and tow both with Gabor and we both did great with good time results. With both of our legs blown off after the swims, Gabor and I started our Mapping project for the Divemaster course, where we have to show Tara and Dan at the end of next week a detailed plan of the site in Marazul, and then show it with great details. We will take them to do our dive site like if they were customers. Here I must say that most experience Gabor has makes the difference, due to it’s still hard for me to get my bearings in accordance with that site, mark points and reference places and is something that will come to me with more and more dives.

To end this busy week, a couple of dives on Sunday, first Wreck “El Ratón” again, where a large10365554_10152836587554561_1366223601095487169_o group of barracudas visited us, a couple of octopus, etc, and secondly in “Las Eras”, which captivated me by the amount of new species I saw, between others, a beautiful “Streaked Gurnard”, the black and yellow nudibranch “Seaslug”, two morays in the same hole (Fangtooth Moray and Brown Moray Eel), and several more species. This is all after a second week 10700446_10152836614229561_722131155818385419_oof work where every day I learn more and I’m more involved with the underwater world and the people.



Until next week


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