Divemaster Internship Blog – Alvaro Week 3

Good day again everyone!

The third week was the quietest since I arrived in Tenerife, allowing me to focus on the EFR course (I’ve already finished it), continuing the Rescue (already made the theory test and several of the skills) and with Gabor do the Mapping project for the Divemaster.
Speaking about Gabor, this week was his last as a trainee, and I can say that we have a new Divemaster around!! Congratulations mate! Though I’m sure we’ll continue seeing him around the dive center and mainly underwater.
On Monday Gabor and me went to Marazul to perform the mapping project in an area that Dan and Tara decided to us and that we called “Marazul pinnacle” and where reach up to 23 meters deep. He above the rocks and me at the bottom we discovered what to see, what to spot for future customers, the shape of the bottom and rocks, depths, etc. Later we will focus more on taking depths and bearings for the topographic profile of the dive and be able to create a map.
On Tuesday I had my day off, and at night Tara and Dan invited us to a great dinner, really great Mexican food courtesy of Tara and a few drinks courtesy of Dan (someone drank much more than others, although the occasion deserved).
On Wednesday back to work and I changed my suit (from now I’ll be using an Oceanic semi-dry suit 5mm). We had Steven join us to complete his upgrade from Scuba diver to Open Water. We started by learning skill in the pool then went to Marazul later for the Open Water Dives. After the dive, bad weather made us have to postpone the last dive for the next day, when Steven completed with great success and I’m sure more than satisfied.
Premiering this time a new Cressi Leonardo (dive computer), Gabor and me stayed in Marazul again to take more measures in our dive site and finish taking all bearing still missing. Friday I did EFR course (exam included), and then Gabor and I met to finish outlining our project, make the presentation and share responsibilities to exposing it.
Saturday we present to Adrian, Tara and Dan the final project, and then we went diving to “Marazul Pinnacle”. I think it went pretty well, with some mistakes, mainly communication between Gabor and me as they told us (I think due to the tension and concentration of wanting to do well), but nothing that couldn’t be improved with time and more work.
On Sunday early, the last day of Gabor; test of RESCUE after all knowledge reviews, several skills in the pool with Dan and Gabor (as required volunteer: P), and a week that goes almost without realizing.
From now unable to ask my many doubts to Gabor (I’m sure he ended tired of many questions) I’ll take more responsibility.
We’ll see what’s going on.
Until next week


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