Divemaster Internship blog – Alvaro week 4

Hi everyone again.
This has been the first week without Gabor in the dive center. Another week leaves us without realizing it, and soon I’ll have my first month in Tenerife. This week we did just a few dives, partly because of the weather wasn’t good at all (even the boss Tara had the flu due to so many climate changes, and is still recovering herself slowly) but nevertheless we hadn’t less work in the dive center. There has been time for everything, and so many new things.DSCF2278
We had several Discover Scuba Diving, and I began to give lectures to students by myself, one in English and one in Spanish fully taught by me, the English one with a guy who had a really bad experience some time ago and was scared to try again, but I’m glad he left so happy and thanking us a lot after 1 ½ hDSCF2227ours in the pool. He’ll be ready to keep learning in the future. We had two dives in El Puertito, the first one, with Jose and Julio sooo friendly, even hungry I would say, after so many days of bad weather, no divers around them, they would miss us I guess. In one of the Dive Try we found a Butterfly Ray of about 2 meters, even Gabor (who came to DSCF2311dive with his girlfriend and her brother) touched it unwittingly due to its camouflage on the sand.
The days of bad weather we had jobs in the dive center, order, cleanliness, and Dan teaching me to service regulators. Oh my god!! Disassemble, clean everything, acid here, antiacid there, now washing, change this piece, now everything perfectly dry and reassemble it piece by piece (a real puzzle, and surprisingly no part was lost), introduce myself in the infinite world of O-Rings (used for absolutely everything! And there are some O-ring even in the most unexpected places), then assemble it all, Dan testing everything, checking everything works perfectly, calibrate, test them in the water to confirm that everything is perfectly assembled. This really would not be part of a Divemaster internship, but I find it super useful, both as a general knowledge of the world of diving, and to better understand how everything works inside, the importance of maintaining all equipment, having them serviced and reasons make them fail (sand, salt, threaded that are lost, etc).DSCF2446
Finally to end the week, we have two groups of certified divers who will dive with us several days. Graham and Charlotte (they did their Open Water Divers with Paradise Divers earlier this year and enjoyed it so much they returned just to dive) and 3 guys more popping up, 2 Advanced Open Water, and a friend of them for a Discover Scuba Diving.
On Sunday we had dives on Marazul Pinnacle (not sure if you remember but is the dive Gabor and me made for our Mapping Project), and in which Graham had to give up because he felt a little sick during the dive, and I ended up leading with the remaining 3 divers. Then to finish the Sunday we went to El Porís (my first time there), a shallow dive, where we saw an Angel Shark quite large (my first time with them too).
So far my fourth blog.
I hope next one comes with many more experiences and things I’ll tell you next week

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