Divemaster Internship blog – Alvaro week 5

It’s my Fifth week already with Paradise Divers, with many dives and evolving more and more each day.

For starters, I fully guided a Discover Scuba Diving program, and I think it went pretty well, in the pool and diving in El Puertito with the turtles, the student was very comfortable all the time, so certainly good experience.

On Tuesday we dived in Las Eras and Abades. We had 3 divers with different abilities. Tara took charge over Charlotte and Graham, while Adrian led Danny and I was behind checking that everything was ok.

Without realizing it I’m knowing better each site, looking much less the compass, I know better where I’m at almost every time, and I think I have more confidence diving to take responsibility if necessary.

The next day was undoubtedly the day with the most rays since I’ve been here, up to 5 different ones we saw in Marazul Arch, one of those the biggest I’ve seen (and another one even touching Tara, I thought he wanted to kiss her or something … while she was thinking had something tangling, it was a Ray!! but we will never know why it went for her head), and then in  Cueva de Los Cerebros, where a customer experienced  a little sense of insecurity in the dark and was a little apprehensive, but with great judgement decided when you are not sure to do something underwater, do not take unnecessary risks, and maybe  this time we didn’t use to go deeper inside the cave (but still saw 4 rays) and it gave us the opportunity to see an Angel Shark on the way back. It looks like they are waiting to meet us these last dives, while in many other sites they are endangered.


Next day, leading the first dive to the wreck of “El Ratón” finding again the great group of barracudas, a pair of octopuses, and then going to Radazul, my first experience where I’ll have my deep dive later in the Divemaster Internship, reaching for now “only” 30 metres (the truth is that I have not experienced any Narcosis yet in any dive, and honestly I have some curiosity to feel it possibly will happen when we get Radazul with Twinset to go to 40 meters, so I’ll tell you if that happens, which it would mean I’ll be alive, sure Dan will have some surprise prepared to me as always).

Charlotte and Graham decided they wouldn’t find anything better than to dive again with us before returning to UK. So joined again by Danny and Robert from Poland we all went to Yellow Mountain and Punta Prieta (my first experience there too), seeing a relatively large grouper, cylinder Anemones, and much more life, they said goodbye as best they could, more diving than expected, and keep improving every day (next step will be your Advanced Course).

The week end with dives in Marazul Arch and El Puertito, with two clients , and again the presence of an Angel Shark (first time seen in Marazul), two octopuses, several cuttlefishes and limited presence of turtles this time, although as always, do not fail to keep their appointment with Paradise Divers.DSCF2507

To end the working week, ending the Rescue Course with Adrian as a volunteer, with a couple of moments of doubt on my part, and ending not tired, the next, after tow several times and fatigue cumulative after another fabulous week diving, but from now I can say that I also have Rescue certification.

So far a new week with several milestones (on Friday I did my first month, and also the dive number 60 as a PADI member), and finishing with a dinner with coworkers and family concerned, being as always, great company and entertaining night.

See you next week!!



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