Divemaster Internship Blog – Alvaro week 8

Hi all,

We came back to the water after Christmas without knowing if I would fit in my wetsuit. Finally, and despite Christmas meals, I fitted… (more or less)

At the beginning we had a family booked in for a  snorkeling trip which went very well,  they enjoyed it so much that they asked us to make another snorkeling trip on a different site. (these are the things which are appreciated when working with people, because it brings a big boost of morale knowing that people enjoy it so much).

In the afternoon I made the second part of my Divemaster exam with great results, so I took another step to finish this stage of my life.

For the next day daives in “El Puertito”.  It was a very good dive and the customer asked me to do another dive on the samendive site due to he had enjoyed it a lot. No doubt thanks to the presence of our turtles in “El Puertito” (I hear one of them has joined  Facebook!!) – Jose Turtle Tenerife…

After a day without dives we started an Open Water course.  I took a Spanish girl with little experience and a little frightened because of lack in experience and she had been out of the water along time, but again, despite problems with her mask, ended delighted and showing her joy.

On Friday huge news for me because my girlfriend  told me she was coming for a few days in Tenerife. She came and decided to dive with us (she did her Divemaster last summer). She  joined us in several dives because we had several clients those days. She had the opportunity to enjoy with me some of the dives we do in this Spanish paradise. She met the turtles and deep arch in Marazul. It shows a little temperature drop over Christmas, she also joined me to do snorkeling with a family. After this I went with Dan to finish the Open Water course in one of the most curious dives since I arrived -We were doing a simple dive of OW, this almost became a night dive, meeting  3 turtles together trying to sleep on the sand bed. We spent a few minutes watching them  because is not usual to see them like this.

To end the week I took my day off this week while my girlfriend was here, and  as I’m crazy didn’t give up the water and I went with Laura to watch dolphins and take part on some walks in Acantilado de Los Gigantes finishing with some canary food.

Next week promises thrills and some good things in the dive center will take place

PS: sorry for the delay


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