Divemaster Internship Blog Gabor – Week 12

Like everything what has a beginning, also has an end.

This is the ending point of my internship to become a Divemaster.

This is one point in my life when something new ended and the point when something will begin.

I must say it was a really great 12 weeks in my life with lot of studies, knowledge and practical exams. I met with new people, which people earned my full and clean respect with that lot of things what they did for me, what they taught me and because i never felt myself as an outsider, much much more as a family member of Paradise Divers!

They were patient all time, opened for any question and the high level knowledge what they ready to teach you!

On my last week we did rescue scenarios with Alvaro and Dan. On Sunday we spent the most of the time in the pool training and teaching Alvaro rescue skills. I was the “dead” diver this time. Before, Alvaro played this role for me so this time it was my to help him learn everything.

Dan sprang on me  some rescue scenarios during a normal  dive between us when I needed to “save” Alvaro 🙂

But this is the way how you can learn and prepare for this things, how to think and act.

This week we started and finished our mapping project with Alvaro. We did 5 dives for this.

Draw the map, bearings, points of interest, discover marine life on the site and measurements (length, depth).

It sounds easy… but it isn’t. You must calculate lot of things together to get the final  and correct „picture”. After we collected all the data what we wanted we started to do one power point presentation.

On Saturday we showed the presentation to Dan, Tara and Adrian but in the same way as for new divers. They listened and scored the presentation like they are customers. After this went to a dive with them with same conditions. I was leading and Alvaro on the back.

After the dive we discussed what we need to change next time and to pay more attention. They gave very very useful tips/hints.


The good thing with this week was that we had nearly the whole week for us, to learn and practice. We had one scuba diver to open water diver upgrade. The other thing why it was good (not too much divers) is the weather. We had pretty rough days with waves, wind and surge.

We did the EFR traingng and lessons. For me it was a renewal for Alvaro was a full course.

So at all I finished 🙂

Now comes to most annoying part… waiting for my certification.

Thank you for all of you for reading my blog!! I hope you enjoined to read my stories about my internship.

You can still continue follow the blog of Alvaro.

Dan said I’m always welcomed around the dive center for dives so maybe we will met each other there!

I wish to all of you safe and joyful dives where-ever you dive!

Good bye!

Gabor Lorincz

PADI Divemaster

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