Divemaster Internship Blog – Tenerife 2014-09-07

Hi everyone, my name is Gábor Lőrincz. In the next 3 months i will be writing and uploading my experiences about my Divemaster internship at Paradise Divers.

So let it begin. I’m from Hungary, city of Dorog, not far from the capital city (Budapest). I’m 26 years old and i worked as a photographer in Fuerteventura for 1 and a half years. I already have the Rescue Diver certification so i will make the next big step to be a PADI PRO J

I started on the 28th of august. After a bit of a chat, Dan showed me the base. He told me everything about the following processes ( trainings, skills, works and exams).

The first 2 days we had bad weather (on the sea) so we started to do skills in the pool. That was the first moment when i realised that, from now I need to think and act different than before! From now I must do and show things in a way that people will find it easy to learn and practice!

 Dan tought me how to fill cylinders and I could see finally a regualtor from inside. That was really interesting becouse before I saw it only from the „books”. Now I can understand and see how it works.

 With Tara we started to do exercises with pressure groups – how to use the table. ( I started my OWD and AOWD courses with another federation not with PADI and with them I never used the tables).

After those 2 bad days we could go to dive in the sea J. Marazul, El Puertito, Alcala etc…

We did a cave dive and normal dives on the other side of the island. So we are underwater minimum once per day. I like this a lot, it gives me lot of experience becouse every dive is different.

 On the 31st of august we went to Las Galletas to see how they released 2 turtles. One loggerhead and one green turtle. They were on rehabilitation becouse of injuries. It was a great day and it was great to see that here in the Canary islands they really take care about their fauna!

 Next week we will do a night dives so i’m really excited! I did it before in Egypt and in Croatia but for me night dives are always different from normal Dives.

 Continues next week…

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