Divemaster Internship Blog – Tenerife – Gabor-Week 11

Hi everyone!

We had a good and workfull week again.

I will start with an invitation what we had. It was a dinner for the whole team on Thursday night in the restaurant called El Cordero. It was a really good evening. All of us enjoyed a lot, we heard and shared lots of stories, lots of laughing… Everything was 5 star class!

We started the week with usual things. Prepare for diving and let’s go out and get wet.

Right at the beginning of the week we went to do a dive at Las Eras.

Here I must say something about this site (maybe I already wrote it before). This site is really really beautiful BUT this is THE site where u can get currents, you know the strong one, which makes you sweat even if you are freezing! We got it. Yes, now you say „who cares”… You will when you realize that your diver lost BOTH of her fins!!! In the same time, in a so short time like one blink!

So fins away in the big blue, we even didn’t see where they were. Grab the diver’s cylinder and let the „joy ride” begin ( don’t forget in strong current). I swear to you I go only as far as a meter in 3-4 minutes…

We shared the „ride” between Dan and I. After we realized it wont work, we went up to the surface. Dan started to tow from the left Alvaro from the right and I started to push the diver from her feet on my shoulders. Even like this it was difficult and all of us were tired but WE did it!

Good thing in the bad: after I started to relax after the dive, I realized that I didn’t panic, training kicked in and I knew what was happening, I think is good to know how you will react in serious situations. The second dive went well and very enjoyable.

We also started to do rescue exercises with Alvaro.

And more and more demonstration skills in the pool. Now I can see the end of the list, the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

I finished all of my swimming skills. Including 800m snorkel swim and 100m diver tow. Oh my god, I thought I will spit out my lungs! And I think Alvaro too 🙂 But it’s finished wont have to do them again…

Of course it can happen any time outside like I wrote before but there in direct situation your adrenalin level jumps up immediately and it gives you power what you nearly can’t believe. If you keep this in mind, it can help a lot BUT you can’t think it helps you out of everything!!!

I did one Scuba Review also with Tara. Was good, I enjoyed it a lot but Tara needed to finish the last couple of skills in the pool thanks to the food from the Chinese restaurant from the previous night…you know what I mean!!

With Alvaro we started to do our mapping project. Oh man, I thought it will be easy. No, it’s more complicated than it looks. But on the second dive on the site things started to be better. We still need to go back and do a lot of corrections and fix the mistakes. After we will do a Powerpoint presentation about the site for Tara and Dan. After this we need to take them to a dive on this site in the same way as they are client divers start to finish.

But I must say from the other side is really interesting because you need to search stone by stone and you can find tons of new and interesting things.

Our last dive of the week was in Las Eras. I hope you can feel the irony in this 🙂

This time Las Eras gave me a new fish what I never saw before. It looked like a fish with legs and wings. It was amazing!!! It was a Streaked Gurnard.

I must say I started to feel myself really tired. I could feel it a lot since the beginning of this week. I think when I finish the internship it will be really good to relax for a couple of days.

So.. Let’s jump in to the last week!

See you

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