Divemaster Internship Blog – Tenerife – Week 10


Last week I said good bye with an empty Sunday. Well… it wasn’t empty!

I think this was our busiest week since I’m here. We finished late every day. We had 2 open water diver courses and 1 advanced course. And normal dives for certified divers over the courses. We had lot of things to do in the same time so many times we needed to split up. But we are a good team so it wasn’t a problem and at the end all of our costumers were happy and that’s what matters 🙂

We started the week with dives from the boat for a group of 5 spanish guys. We started with a wreck called Meridian and the second dive was a cave dive. The wreck has nearly the same size compared with El Raton in Tabaiba but I think it’s easier to penetrate. The body of this boat was made by wood, of course now it’s damaged but because of this it looks great under water. We can penetrate the bridge, the storage room and from there one more level down the engine room. With this new site we have one more good wreck to dive and I was the first one to see it and lead it 🙂

Our new divemaster trainee Alvaro arrived on Monday and started his studies but you will read about him from his blog 😉

His first diving day was Wednesday and he started with 4 dives on that day so he jumped in deep water at the beginning.

Now we will start to do the rescue scenarios and the mapping project. It is strange to see from outside when someone starts the internship. I mean see it when someone doesn’t know what to do, how to do, shall I do it like this or in another way…

I was the same so now it’s strange to see how I looked like at the beginning 🙂

I lead more and more dives on my own. It feels really good to see the happyness on the faces after dives which means they enjoyed the dive.

I decided that I will buy a semidry suit because I still feel cold after time… I think I have too much fresh water in my suit and my body is unable to warm and warm it up again to keep the temperature.

I have only 2 weeks left until finishing my internship. It was a really fast 3 months – 12 weeks. Unbeliveable how fast the time goes by.

But still have two weeks with lot of things to do and learn. So see you with my last two weeks J

Don’t forget to read Alvaro’s blog too!

See you next week!

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