Divemaster Internship Blog – Tenerife Week 9

Hi everyone!

This week started with a regular day.

On Tuesday I had my birthday 🙂 one year older again… But it was a good day and I got an extra day off for this day! I enjoyed it a lot. We did some picnic and a really good and delicious dinner with my girlfriend. On the day before I invited Dan, Tara and Sofia to dinner with us. It was a good night with lots of laughing and stories 🙂 I got a super cake from Dan and Tara, it was oohh my gooood J Mars chocolate flavored!

We had try dives and we started to have more and more snorkeling tours. It looks like people love it a lot. They can see and swim with turtles.

We started to use the boat for snorkeling tours also including with lunch and 2-3 stops on different snorkel sites. But of course the main purpose of the boat is diving!

We went with Adrian and Dan to do one dive only for fun. The site was Yellow mountain on a different route. It wasn’t so interesting but we had the feeling that is something new and who knows what we will find. We found a bathtub J so Dan got the idea to sit inside like doing SPA J in the same moment I got the idea to upgrade it to a Jacuzzi so I started to freeflow the regulator to do bubbles J was really funny!!

After we did our Halloween dive in Alcalá.

Dan dressed like Dracula, Adrian as a butcher-serial killer and I was a mummy! What a team J

I think soon you can see the photos also on the facebook site of the center.

Was fun! We prepared really good.

Next week looks like will be more busy… Our table is totally full!!! At the moment only Sunday is empty. We will have 2 or 3 open water courses and lots of booked dives.

And Alvaro our new divemaster trainee will start also on the beginning of the week!

See you after a busy week!

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