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This week started with an incredible night-dive in Alcala! I had night-dives before but this was far the best. Turtle, octopus, moray eels… everything that a diver wants, and it was full moon so it gave us an incredible visibility! It was amazing!

We had a wreck dive in Tabaiba and it was also great. Beautiful, quite big wreck with easy entries. It was my first time here. The dive ended after 25 mins because one of the divers

Paradise Divers Photos 02092014 (31)was low on air. So I needed go back with her while the rest of the group under the leadership of Dan stayed there. We both came up, completed a safety stop and exited the water. It was a good experience for me.

On Wednesday I had my first dive where I was the leader with Tara behind the customers. I must say from my side it was horrible. I was totally nervous from the beginning and I was also a bit tired (was the last dive that day). Visibility was not as good as normal and Tara needed to correct me a few times…

Being at the front meant that I couldn’t figure out if  my speed was too fast or too slow. I think it was a bit faster than normal.

We ended the dive with a lot of air and with 41 min dive time. The other difficult thing for me was to make decisions about air. Go a bit more? Will it be enough? Turn now? Turn later?

But after time will be better when I will know the sites stone by stone.

Paradise Divers Photos 02092014 (44)Paradise Divers Photos 02092014 (13)

On Friday I had my second dive where I was the leader. Started a bit bad… I realized next to the water that I lost my mask on the way down from the car. I couldn’t believe it! So I needed to go back for it. BUT this dive was much better! I didn’t have that bad feeling like after the first one. I felt that my divers enjoyed it more and this time I got corrections from Dan only one or two times. I know that still I must correct things but was far better than the first time.

At the end of the week we had a meeting with Tara and Dan about my mistakes, what I need to change and correct. They also told me what kind of exams we will do next week (swimming skills for time limit, and demonstration skill which ones will be marked by them from 1 to 5).

Oh and finally my Divemaster crew pack (books, learning stuff) arrived J. So I can start to read and learn the theory. I must say the pack is quite big with lots of things inside one bag. IParadise Divers Photos 02092014 (16)t’s really useful to keep everything together!

I nearly forgot to say that last Saturday we had a try dive with my girlfriend! It was really good. She enjoyed it a lot! It was in El Puertito and we saw all 3 turtles! We got really good photos and videos with Jose (the friendliest turtle). So I was happy because she enjoyed both ways: way of diving and highlights under water.

See you next week, after a couple of challenges J

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  1. hi gabor
    enjoyed diving with you, dont worry everything will fall into place, you will be a good divemaster just remember its not all about diving its about making the people around you confident in your knowledge. paradise divers seems to be in good hands and you will learn a lot from them, hopefully see you in may, good luck and good diving

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