Divemaster Internship Blog – Week 5

Divemaster Internship Blog – Tenerife 2014-09-29 – Week 5

Finally, it looks like I started to feel better after my sickness. Looks like my new 2.5mm vest solved the problem 🙂

At the beginning of the week we finished nearly all the chapters from the Divemaster book, only one left. So I’m nearly ready to finish the theoretical knowledge and ready to do the exam with the never ending 120 questions 🙂

We also practiced skills in the pool. Reviewed old ones, learnt new ones and Dan marked me on them.

DSCF8263I’m leading more and more dives and I am also doing the Discover Scuba Dive theory session and also teach/demonstrate skills in the pool. I enjoy it a lot because after the pool session you can see how much they enjoyed in the ocean. DSCF8130

One older man came to do this, he enjoyed a lot and after he saw the video about himself he was close to crying :-). It’s always good to see/feel that you helped give someone an experience they will never forget. Doesn’t matter how old they are…

With Dan we did Search and Recovery in Marazul. I enjoyed it a lot!!! It was good to do something different.

DSCF8222The regular dive sites are now getting easier to lead and I now recognize them better!
The next week we will start in Tabaiba with a deep wreck dive. I will lead it for first time 🙂
I’m a bit excited! It will be good.


Looks like from the beginning of November we will have another Divemaster trainee.

Ah and finally the Zodiac is technically totally ready for use! The only things left are the paper works. Sadly here it goes a bit slowly… BUT the longer you have to wait the better it will be when you can do them 🙂

See you next week!

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