Divemaster Internship Blog – Week 6

As I said before we started with the wreck in Tabaiba. I led the dive and it was good. None of us wanted to penetrate so we just navigated around the wreck.

Tuesday was a really long day, ended with a night dive in Alcalá, it was really good! Lots of octopusses, common ray and sea hares. We had full moon again but the angle wasn’t the same than before so this time the moon didn’t give us that „special” light. But even like this the visibility was excellent. All of us enjoyed the dive. 🙂

Because Tuesday was long I needed to start later on Wednesday so I went in at 1:00pm. Dan looked at me and asked: „are you ready for today?” I said yeeees?! I didn’t know it why he asked until he said that it was exam day… I was like OMG 🙂

So we went inside finished the last knowledge review and baaaang – exam time 🙂

I started to fill the endless 120 questions. I think I spent 2 hours. For me the most difficult thing (which took a lot of time) was to understand what they asked exactly, I mean because of the translation from English to Hungarian. When I had problems Tara or Dan helped me with what they are asking.

The first 60 questions looked a bit easier and the second half was more difficult. Maybe I say this only because I was struggling more with translation in this section…

But at the end I can say that I passed!!! 🙂 –  I’m really happy because I did it for the first time without fail. I was really really nervous because of the exam.

I spent my day off with a relaxing travel to Buena Vista and Puerto de la Cruz.

I must say after the exam I feel much more relaxed and comfortable during the days at the dive center. I feel myself more useful and I like that I don’t have that feeling any more about the exam…

At the end of the week I got a special invitation/opportunity from Dan. I could try the twin-set during one deep dive. All of us went with double cylinders (Adrian, Dan and I). Adrian with normal BCD but attached with two 7 liters, Dan with side mounts and I with the twin set. I was nervous a bit because I never did it before.

We investigated another side of Marazul. It was a deep dive around 84 minutes dive time. I enjoyed it a lot!

At the beginning it was a bit strange the balancing with the twin set but after a couple of minutes I started to feel it well so after it was really good.

So on this week I did the exam and tried out new things! It was an experience full week 🙂 I liked it a lot.

The most important thing this week is that I am now starting to feel more comfortable around the center.

AND !!! this week we will go to try the new Paradise Divers RIB (zodiac) finally 🙂 So the next week looks good also 😉

See you next week with a boaty floaty blog 🙂

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