Divemaster Internship Blog – Week 7 & 8

First of all sorry for being late again…

We had a couple of busy days and when I had day off I was totally tired to do anything.

So lets start!

Finally we could go out with boat to discover new dive sites. We were 3 of us, Adrian, Dan and me. We were at the „twin wrecks” near to Las Americas coast. It was really good to see new things. This is a known dive site for everyone but from now we also can reach it to dive. After this we went to do totally new sites. At first we found nothing interesting with Adrian but on the second one yes! The site is really close to the port of San Juan and it’s really similar to Alcalá. But you have a lot of different rock formations. For me it was like Jurassic Park in mini size 🙂

And of course the feeling that you are seeing something totally new that has (maybe) never been seen before by no one. I loved it to discover!

Here in the Canary islands we had really a lot of rain because of a tropical storm from the Atlantic ocean. Every year it happens once. It brings really a lot of rain. So.. on the days before the water started to be rough and the visibility dropped down drastically. After the storm it was worst. It was less then 3 meters. Last time when this happened with me it was at home when I dived our lake in Hungary.But day by day it started to be better.

I met one of our sites called Yellow Mountain. I liked it a lot!!! It changes so many times on the same dive. You start with rocky bottom… after sand… after really huge rocks nearly up until the surface. You have small caves on the wall with amazing life! On the way back rocky bottom again but in a different style full with living environment.

We did snorkel tours also. At first I thought it will be boring but it wasn’t. People can taste a bit the feeling of free diving and you can see the site from above. It gives you more information about how to lead a dive because you could see it from another perspective.

We had lots of try dives even with up to 4 persons at the same time. My maximum was 3 persons on my own even from the beginning (sort them out with equipment and do the theoretical lesson). It was a great challenge for me I enjoyed it.

We had an Open Water Diver course. Sadly I couldn’t be there on all dives (pool and sea sessions) because we were busy but we will have another one so on that one I can assist on the whole course.

We did 3 Advanced OWD courses with navigation, peak performance buoyancy, deep dive and wreck dives. I enjoyed them a lot.

I had my first full guide job. Sort out the kit, do the briefing and guide the dive totally alone. I was very happy when I heard that it will happen. I enjoyed it a lot and the costumer also. He enjoyed the dive he was happy and finished the dive with a smile on his face. It’s a really good feeling to earn this 🙂

On the next week will be my birthday on Tuesday (28th) so this week will be a bit special for me 🙂

And also we will have Halloween 🙂 I’m thinking of going into work with face painting (until the first dive). We are planning a night dive with costumes!! I already bought a mummy costume! It will be fun! Dan will dress like Dracula and if everything goes well Adrian will wear something too. We will have photos so I will try not to forget to upload a couple of them J

So see you after Halloween!!!

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