Divemaster Internship – Hayden – Paradise Divers Tenerife

“I can hardly believe it, but my time learning to be a top-notch DM at Paradise Divers is halfway over! It’s been more challenging and more rewarding than I expected –in so many different ways. I came here as an Open Water diver. In these four weeks I’ve worked through Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Responder, and Rescue Diver training, all while learning the ropes (and knots!) at the dive center. The items we’ve signed off on my DM checklist give me a sense of accomplishment and motivation for the weeks to come!

It’s been a whirlwind learning experience, building both brains and muscle. I’m not sure which has been more intimidating – the Dive Master manual or toting around full tanks! My favorite parts so far are the people I’ve met and the fact that I get to take selfies from the boat and say “Just another day at the office!” Everyone enjoys those. I love that the waters around Tenerife are full of life! I squee whenever I see a cuttlefish in the wild. Brushing by turtles and rays and swimming in the middle of a school of roncadores makes me feel like the mermaid I knew I was born to be.

 The most challenging part for me out of this first half of the internship was definitely the practical skills for the rescue course. I really hope I never have to rescue anyone, but if it happens, I’m confident that I was put through realistic scenarios for the best training possible, including rescuing dudes bigger than me.

 While the days become routine, each one is a little bit different. I’ve come to enjoy both my days in the water and days at the dive center working on theory. Because I recently finished my Master’s degree, the book-learning parts are comfortable reminders of my study routine in DC (it’s great that dive exams are multiple choice instead of essays!). Organization is part of my personality, so counting cylinders and prepping wetsuits suits me, though I’m still working on consistently getting the right pair of boots together on the first try. 😉

 Having other DMs around at varying stages of their own internships has been invaluable. They’ve been an ear to my questions and insecurities and have helped me work through parts of theory that I was unclear on. Not only that, they’re fun people! Between the DMs, Assistant Instructors in training, Carly, Dan, and great customers, I know I’ve made some friends that I’ll be seeing again!”

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