Divemaster Internship – Lucas – Paradise Divers Tenerife

Hi I am Lucas!

The handsomely tall Divemaster intern here at Tenerife’s premiere dive center Paradise Divers. I’ve been on the island since January and joined Paradise Divers in May. I am doing a part time internship but trying to show up at the dive center as much as possible. Diving is a lifestyle after all!

Almost four weeks have passed since I joined the team. A lot has been taught and I dare say a lot has been learned. From dive center operations to boat handling and dealing with customers, the value of doing an internship quickly becomes apparent. Being on the professional side of diving with great role models like the owner team Dan & Carly makes the process a rewarding and educational experience. Most people seem to only witness diving from a customer perspective which is fine if you have no intentions of truely ‘deep diving’ the diving lifestyle. However, I feel that becoming a DM is part of growing myself, my experience and my knowledge base.

Understanding the entire logistics, business and technical side of operating a dive center will take some time. That said, in the first four weeks I’ve already helped perform hydrostatic testing of cylinders, learned to operate the compressor, assisted with nervous Discover Scuba Diving divers and much more. This repeat hands on exposure to divers that are newer to the sport helps me to identify and catch on to problems before they become more serious. That alone is an invaluable skill that I belief will make me a safer buddy to dive with.

I feel being part of the team at the dive center is in an invaluable experience that will propel my dive experience to the next level regardless if one were to continue on the instructor path or not. I have quite a few more months to go before I become a full-fledge PADI Divemaster. As far as I’m concerned, I’m looking to enjoy every moment of it.

Peace, Lucas

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