Divemaster Internship – Week 1 – Paula


I’m Paula, new Divemaster intern at Paradise Divers. I am from Galicia (Spain) and I am passionate about the sea.  Welcome to my blog!

Tenerife have welcomed me with very bad weather (for Tenerife standard),  cloudy and rainy- it made me feel like at home- even here at the south west of the island. Saturday morning, I went to Callao Salvaje to meet the Paradise divers team; Dan, Alvaro and Gabor were at the pool doing some rescue exercises- Alvaro was rescuing Gabor- and Tara showed me around the centre.

On Monday I become Alvaro’s shadow, he showed me what we have to do and how to do it. After that, I did my first dive in Tenerife, we went to “El Puertito”, and there I meet Jose, Julio and Juan, the green sea turtles. I was fascinated about how social they are, they come strait to you, curiously looking at you, and stay around some time. Apart from the turtles, I found all fish are very social, some of them stay really close to you. Even thought the dive was amazing I was freezing! I needed to wear more layers.

paradise diversNext day I wanted to be prepared, I wear a complete swimsuit, a rash vest,  a vest and on top the wet suit. In addition I took a hood and gloves. I haven’t been cold since then.

paradise divers1

Finally on Wednesday the sun came out to warm us up! It feels so good. The rest of the week, was very nice; new amazing dives (Alcala, El Valito, Abades, Las eras, Sueño Azul) and new challenges. I still have to work on controlling my buoyancy, and pay more attention to the computer; every new dive makes me learn a little bit more and gives me experiences, which is such an importance in diving.

paradise divers3

Bye, Gone diving!


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