Divemaster Internship week 12 – Alvaro

Welcome again to diving in tenerife, my Divemaster blog.

I can’t believe it I just have one more week to finish my internship.

A Family enjoying the DSD with Gabor and I

It is a bit sad when I look back, only three months ago when I appeared for the first time in Callao Salvaje Tenerife. But better to think that I still have a week to enjoy and keep learning and diving.

Tara has been away this week on other course, so this week we have been less people around dive center, just Dan and I, which means I have been taking more responsibility. Also I have been doing more guiding by myself and taking pictures too.

Tenerife Turtles
Tenerife Turtles


In this penultimate week we made several changes to the dive center because February is usually a quiet month without so many divers. So many things changing in the dive center, painting while enjoying the now famous spicy pizza brought from Tara to give us enough energy to paint until late.

The new pics in the dive centre

Also following the makeover, the rest of the frames that were selected by our followers through Facebook were placed on the freshly painted walls.

DSD with Jay

Still waiting for the boat to finish redesign, so I probably will not have the chance to see it completely renovated. So I have to go back at some point, because in a very small part,  I can feel myself part of the new design.


As our previous Divemaster will be traveling on my last week, we decided to overtake this week’s farewell dinner, we enjoyed all the staff and couples in “El Cordero”, leaving the snorkel challenge for next week.

Finally on Saturday after a dive for fun, we were visited by the  new Divemaster intern Paula who will begin on Monday, look out for her personal blog.

me enjoying the fish at el Puertito

I have mixed feelings among the joy of being close to completing the Divemaster, and sadness of leaving the dive center where for three months I have felt at home, thanks to my instructors, bosses and now longtime friends .

But as I said before … time to enjoy my last week of work and fun.

See you next week
Greetings to all!

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