DM Internship blog – Esther

I’m Esther, I’m a Dutch IT nerd escaping stress full life of deadlines by becoming a Dive master on Tenerife, it’s one of those choice after which you go like “why didn’t I do this earlier?!”.

In Jan 2018 I was here on holiday, booked 12 guided dives with paradise divers. Not only did I get to see lots of sea life and interesting dive sights, I had fun with the dive team, felt respected and safe in and out of the water. That’s why I dared to ask if it was possible for me to join the team as a DM intern, I am very grateful Dan was happy to have me on board! I am the sort of person who makes a decision and goes for it, so two weeks later my internship started, and I have no regrets! by now I’ve been here for two weeks, feeling like 2 months. And it’s been great!

Yes, for an office worker some things are heavy e.g. carrying cylinders and handling the anchor on the boat, but it’s a great way to lose weight and get fit 😉 and over time it does get easier. Next to this heavy lifting I got experience in customer service, theory refreshers and of course diving. My fear of being lonely totally vanished, clients are mostly on holiday and in great spirits as you show them a good time, and I am adopted by the dive team and feel fully part of it.

I am very much looking forwards learning more and mastering my already learned dive skills over the next weeks.  My next blog will likely be on the end of my period here, by which I will be a dive master!

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