Happy Canaries Day (Día de Canarias)

The Day of the Canary Islands (Día de las Canarias) is one of the most important public holidays celebrated in the Canary Islands on May 30th every year. It is a celebration of the islands’ culture and people, and marks the anniversary of the autonomous Canary Islands Parliament’s first session on May 30, 1983. Many cultural activities are arranged for the  Día de las Canarias each year. Private parties are held throughout the islands at people´s homes or in restaurants on the evening of May 29th. Many events are held during the day and into the evening in towns and villages on the Day of the Canary Islands. If you move away from the main tourist zones, towards the north, or into the mountains you can expect to find  Special church services, Sports events, Public and private parties, Tastings of traditional foods and wine from the Canary Islands, Displays of cattle pulling sleighs, Domestic animal shows, Concerts featuring traditional and modern music, Exhibitions showcasing art and crafts made by people living on the Canary Islands.

We love Tenerife and the Canary Islands, so Happy Dia de Canaries to all.

Here is a great award winning photo that displays the islands beauty…



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