Paradise Divers – Diving in Tenerife – Divemaster Internship Blog – Carrie’s 8th Week!

Time is flying here. I’m on week 8 of this trip and I can’t believe it.  I have a lot to report in this blog so hold onto your hats; it is going to get windy.

I have begun the mapping project of Punta Maravilla with Carly.  I have completed the necessary slides for the dive briefing, we just need to collaborate and put together a comprehensive underwater map of the area. I have done the site only 2 times so right now formulating a sketch seems impossible.  I know that with more time and maybe bringing a slate with me to sketch underwater will be a big help.

Emergency action plan for El Condesito has also been completed and I have successfully put together a template for an emergency that may arise at this particular site. The plan is comprehensive and contains information on the coordinates, a list of actions to take, dialogue information for calling EMS as well as emergency phone numbers and a map to the nearest hospital.

I have now done a few dive briefings and am comfortable in doing them as well as leading dives.  I have a few sites I am comfortable with and would be able to lead in the event I am needed.  I enjoy being in the lead, every time I make it back to the anchor it’s like a little pat on the back… you made it Carrie.

I finished watching the PADI Divemaster video and have read the Divemaster manual and completed all the knowledge reviews.  A bit of study and I am ready for the exam!  I have a now put effort into the water skills such as a timed 800 meter snorkel and a 100 meter tired diver tow.  I also need to prepare for the underwater assessment of the basic open water competencies.  There are 24 to be exact.

On the more personal side, I went and enjoyed Carnaval this last weekend in Santa Cruz.  It was not a Rio de Janeiro size celebration, but it was a great time nonetheless.  The amount of effort that everyone puts into their costumes was incredible.  Everyone was there to enjoy themselves and it was apparent by the amount of empty alcohol bottles, smiles and people dancing in the streets until the wee hours of the morning.  I highly recommend that everyone goes at least once in their life to see the effort put into the festival.  I also went rappelling down a valley here.  Now that was intense.  It looks much easier than it actually is.  I was holding on for dear life over a 100 foot drop and caves the size of a two-story house.  I finally got the hang of it on about the 3rd drop of 5.  It was a wonderful sense of accomplishment to look up from the bottom and see just how far down I had gone.

Next week my intentions are to finish up a few more specialty courses and plug along with the water skills. I had better get off the toilet now…. Dan is probably wondering where I am.  I’ll catch back up with you in 2 weeks time.


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