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Forgive me Padre, It’s been 2 weeks since my last blog and here are my confessions.

I’m madly in love with this island especially from the viewpoint of the boat.  You can look up and see El Teide, the volcano, and directly down into the sea to see how much life is down there waiting for you.  The views are breath taking.

I came here with about 36 dives and have now logged about an additional 20 in total.  In 20 dives, I have managed to gain many things including expanding my marine life knowledge as well as where each is commonly found.  The hidden nooks and crannies that so many hide in I never really noticed before because I was too busy looking at the big picture.  The dives I have been doing have helped me to focus more directly.  Having this extra knowledge is helpful during a dive to point out what other divers may miss and would like to see.  I have now been able to spot various species on my own such as a couple absolutely stunning nudibranchs.  Both were bright yellow with neon blue trim and only about 1.5” long.  In a sea that swallows entire freighters….I’d say they are pretty small in comparison.

Week 4, I lead my first dive and the good news is- it went off without a hitch.  We did not anchor in the general area that we normally do due to other dive boats. Despite this, I was able to not only find the wreck, El Condesito, but lead the group around, monitor air, point out sea life and safely make it back to the anchor.  This was a liberating feeling.  I had done it! I knew when it was all said and done that I had done a great job.  Dan reassured me too that I had done well.  I was very confident, from the ropes at the dock, to the organization of getting everyone in and out of the boat.  This confidence in my performance is why I am here.  I wanted to become a dive master to better myself as a diver in all aspects of the trade.

This next week I should be finishing up my rescue diver course which I’m sure, like most anything I have done so far, will be challenging.  I anticipate being sore and tired!  I will let you know how that goes !


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