Paradise Divers – Diving in Tenerife – Divemaster Internship Blog – December – Harrison

Well its the 10th week of my internship already and I cant believe how quick its going. I can tell after a week of being home I’ll want to be back out here diving again, and that’s what just might happen…

Big news for paradise divers is that Dan is now a proud owner of a new RIB, much larger and quicker than his previous one allowing more divers to go out and enjoy the dive sites. I’m buzzing to get out on it and dive from it.image2

This week we were out on a DSD (discover scuba diving course for beginners) and Carly, another Divemaster, spotted yet another Angel Shark but at El Puertito this time. Two very lucky customers to see that, and of course the turtles were on top form spending plenty of time with us getting their shells scratched.image3

Myself, Dan and Carly went out to El Puertito to do a Project Aware dive. This means taking a net bag diving with us and picking up any rubbish laying on the sea bed. Its surprising how much stuff we came out with, its sad really because the turtles or any other sea life 12313656_10153744242254561_1038849370425681484_ncould easily get trapped or tangled up in the rubbish and result in serious harm. We collected together a load of glass bottles, cans, plastic bottles, rope, and even fishing lines with hooks still attached.


Anyway back to paradise for me… bye!

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