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Time seems to be flying by and I can’t believe I only have four weeks left of my internship.

Been learning lots more over the last couple of weeks due to the experience of being the ‘victim’ for customers doing their rescue course with us. As the victim I had to be a panicked diver at the surface and in the water, and also a non-responsive diver at the bottom and on the surface.


I had to really go for it and make it as real as possible for the rescuers. You seem to learn more because you’re thinking of what steps they’re forgetting to do in certain scenarios and how they could have made it a faster and a more effective rescue.

Dan even got me to fall off the side of the boat on purpose whilst we were cruising along but make it look as real as possible so the customers could react using their training. At one point I think even Dan got a bit anxious because I made it look so real.

Paradise Divers (9)
I have also been leading DSD sessions with just supervision from Dan or Tara, its nice being able to show other people the underwater world and teach them their first skills.


A few days ago I completed my Divemaster exam and passed… 59/60 on the first section which I was very pleased about and 51/60 on the second section due to a few silly mistakes by not reading the question properly, but overall pleased that I had passed with a decent percentage.


I also got to experience the depths of around 44 metres when I was with Dan and another customer, Ryan, who was doing a Deep Specialty Course. I was surprised at the affects it has on you when you go that deep, you begin to feel as though everything is moving in slow motion, Ryan had to write his surname backwards for one of the skills, and it took him over 20 seconds because of the narcosis feeling making it hard for him to concentrate. The skill is designed to show you how serious it can be when dealing with emergency issues at depth.

My best dive yet also took place since I wrote my last blog. Myself, Dan, Adrian and Ryan went to a site called Cueva Del Zorro which is an amazing site regardless of the marine life, but we saw an Angel Shark (my first shark sighting).


It was roughly 1.5 metres in length but lucky Dan spotted it because it was so well hidden under the sand, then it begun to move off as we got a little closer and we managed to get some great photos of it.

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