Paradise Divers – Diving in Tenerife – Divemaster Internship – Week 1 – Erin

Hi everyone! This is the first post in my new blog on becoming a dive master.

To family and friends (hi Nana!), I wish you could see this place because it’s beautiful.

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The internship will last around three months. Just so you’re familiar with the names, Tara and Dan are the owners of Paradise Divers. Paula in an intern, like Benjamin and I.  Adrian is an Instructor and so is Gabor (A past intern). It’s a small team, but the people here are great and pleasure to work with.

IMG_0875_2Here’s a little about me first. I’m from the U.S., but have arrived here in Tenerife, Spain via South Korea, where I was a public school English teacher for two years. I wrote a blog about my experiences there, if you want to check that out

I’m a relatively inexperienced diver, with only 16 under my belt. I came here with my boyfriend, Benjamin, who has about 50+ dives. So, why am I here?

The opportunity to receive extensive dive training in such a beautiful place is a hard one to pass on. Since I first learned in the Philippines last year, I’ve wanted to keep developing my skills and see more cool stuff under the water. Seeing as how I bounce around the planet a lot, being a dive master also helps me find work in more places.

Aside from the difficulties Benjamin and I experienced finding a place to live (that’s an entirely different story), it’s been a good first week. We started off with a dive to El Puertito, where we got acquainted with the locaDSCF4206l turtles. Jose, he’s quite the charmer, was friendly beyond all expectation. He followed us around for a while, swimming over our heads, brushing up against us.

We also met Humpy, whose shell was was severely damaged by a boat’s propeller. We found him sleeping under a rock. The next day, I went on two dives in Yellow Mountain (Montana Armarilla). I’m really interested in the geology of the area, and here you can see the basalt flows under the water. Unfortunately, I haven’t been diving since then because I developed an ear problem. I’m still waiting for it to clear up, but hopefully I can be in the water within the next three days.

Aside from diving, Tara, Benjamin, Paula and I have been working on our EFR (emergency first response) training. It’s actually been a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to my Rescue Diver certification.

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Favorite thing this week: Celebrating a joint birthday with Dan at a traditional Canarian restaurant.


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